Our CAREGivers

A tradition of great CAREGiving

Caring. Compassionate. Capable. Reliable. Dependable. Professional. Trusted. Our CAREGivers are all of these things and more.

At Home Instead Senior Care we employ, train and develop people to become outstanding CAREGivers. The heart and soul of our business, our CAREGivers are local residents of Sydney's North Shore & Northern Beaches, many of whom have cared for an older loved one themselves and have developed a genuine passion and interest in older people. Our CAREGivers are fully insured and undergo pre-employment checks including screening for mandatory requirements, structured interviews, comprehensive reference and criminal background checks.

Our training

Home Instead's exclusive multi-phase training programs equip each new CAREGiver with the skills they need to provide the best care for their clients. These training programs have been specifically created to ensure our employees are well prepared to handle any CAREGiving situation. Our training also provides a pathway for all CAREGivers to obtain a Certificate III in Individual Support. Training topics include effective communication with seniors, activity planning, recognising illnesses and depression, safety, and more.

In 2008, Home Instead Senior Care became the first private provider of home care services to establish a specialist dementia care training program delivered exclusively to its own CAREGivers, which complements other professionally developed in-house training programs provided by Home Instead Senior Care. This particular program allows CAREGivers to:

  • Maintain a safe environment for your loved one.
  • Manage changing behaviours.
  • Provide nutritious meals.
  • Provide effective mind-stimulating activities.
  • Create social interaction.
  • Supervise daily activities, and more.

Learn more about Home Instead's dementia care services.

Relationships first 

Home Instead Senior Care is built on relationships. Relationships come first, and the personal connection between our CAREGivers and our clients is of the utmost importance. We personally match each client with the right CAREGivers to help develop a bond that will foster independence, promote wellbeing and support the senior’s needs with respect, dignity and companionship. The training provided to our CAREGivers, combined with our regular meetings and training program updates, ensures that your loved one will be safe in the hands of a trusted and compassionate professional throughout their service — setting your mind at ease. 

Judy Angelidis

CAREGiver of the Year 2015

Judy is a long-term CAREGiver who is passionate and dedicated to her clients and to Home Instead Senior Care.  Since joining Home Instead in April 2011 Judy has gained a reputation with clients, the office staff and her CAREGiving peers as being a person of honesty, integrity and a leader in her role.  She behaves in a professional manner, following the philosophy of Building Trust, Taking the Lead and Sharing her Heart. She seeks to understand her client’s underlying needs, looking beyond the surface to work towards gaining the best immediate and long term outcomes for her clients.  Judy understands the need for professional boundaries and maintains a professional friendship with her clients at all times. 

Judy is dedicated to the care of her clients and will always encourage them to retain their abilities and skills.  She does this in a quietly persuasive way, using her engaging sense of humour to work around sometimes tricky situations.  Client participation in activities, whether it be activities of daily living, or previously enjoyed recreational/social activities is strongly encouraged by Judy.  She encourages independence in her clients by ensuring they are made aware of options and will research information to pass on to clients and their families, so that they are able to make informed decisions. 

Rebecca Parsons

CAREGiver of the Quarter September 2015

Rebecca began working as a CAREGiver in June, 2014 and has embraced Home Instead and her CAREGiving role from day one.  She already had her Certificate III prior to employment, but has been keen to complete her in-house training, taking advantage of every opportunity to learn more about her role in order to assist her clients to the best of her ability.

Rebecca has made herself available for shifts outside of her original availability – she is always cheerful in her response to phone calls and messages from the office.  Rebecca has a positive and can-do attitude which is appreciated by the office staff and her clients alike.

In August Rebecca participated in the palliative care training programme through HammondCare and has been responsive in taking on those high-care, sometimes demanding shifts when asked.

Her feedback to the office is relevant and objective, always seeking to provide the best outcomes for her clients. Rebecca is down to earth and honest, making her a great representative for Home Instead in the community.

Yoshiko Vitti

CAREGiver of the Quarter June 2015

 Yoshiko is a long-term CAREGiver with Home Instead, starting in January, 2011. She has completed over 4,600 hours of CAREGiving, caring for some of her clients over a long period of time, as well as completing her Certificate III in Home and Community Care.

Yoshiko is a quiet achiever, always conducting herself in a calm and professional manner. Her "can do" attitude is very reassuring and enables her to break down barriers with clients who may be resistanct to care.

Many of her clients have high needs, including poor mobility and/or a high level of dementia. Yoshiko has been a leader in learning new skills including the use of a hoist, and is confident in passing on these skills to fellow CAREGivers.

Barbara Burke

CAREGiver of the Quater March 2015

Barbara has shown a great committment to her clients, their families and Home Instead. It is obvious that Barbara cares very much about her clients and is always striving to rovide the best possible outcome for them. she provides valuable feedback to the office, along with suggestions she feels may benefit her client's wellbing and independence. She is able to build a valuable rapport with her clients which becomes a trusting relationship. Learing is a priority for Barbara, who has completed all her training programs, completing her Certificate III in Home and Community Care in September 2014.

Ann Tang

CAREGiver of the Quarter December 2014

Ann is a quiet achiever who is very consistent with her care of clients, resulting in her building long-term, caring relationships with clients. She has a great understanding of the needs of older people and strives to respond to these needs when on shift, or will phone the office to discuss.

Ann has embraced all training since she began and has now completed all requirements for the Certificate III in Home and Community care-all her work has now been sumitted for recognitiion of prior learning and her Certificate III should arrive soon!

Charmaine Dwyer

CAREGiver of the Quarter June 2014

Charmaine started with Home Instead in November 2012 and quickly embraced her role as CAREGiver, with many high needs clients. Her CAREGiving comes from the heart and she empathises with clients and families alike, going above and beyond to ensure clients receive the best of care. Charamine has gained experienc in many facets of caring, including the use of a hoise and strives to complete training when not on shift. We thank her for her commitment to Home Instead and CAREGiving.

Jill Gowing

CAREGiver of the Quarter March 2014

Jill began working with HISC Lower North Shore but transferred to the Pymble office in Janaury 2013 after relocating to the Northern Beaches to live. Jill has much experience with caring for high need clients, indlucing the use of a hoist, and also providing care for clients with dementia. Jill is a sensible, calm and practical CAREGiver, whose quiet assertivesness gives clients a feeling of security. Jill provides valuable feedback to the office when appropriate, but uses her skill and initiative to problem solve when she can.

Lucy Paola

Australian CAREGiver of the Year 2013

Lucy has embraced her role as a CAREGiver with enthusiasm, sensitivity and selflessness.  

She always takes the time to get to know her clients, their history, culture, likes and dislikes so that she is able to build up a special rapport with each client so she can best meet their needs.